Spanish Tapas for Prep Boarders

Spanish Tapas came to the Hatton House boarders recently. The Dining Room was  decorated and authentic chilled tapas on the tables included a traditional sweet milk bread with balsamic vinegar & olive oil dipping pots. Jugs of blackcurrant and orange squash symbolized the Spanish flag.

The selection of hot tapas included pascadito frito (whitebait), salmon en escabeche (hot pickled salmon), paprika spiced potatoes, Spanish chicken wings with garlic mayonnaise and theatre-cooked pan-fried Chorizo. The aromas were mouth-watering.

Handcrafted Churros dredged in cinnamon sugar served with a rich chocolate sauce completed the meal. The boarders and staff were delighted at the effort put in & gave the catering team a standing ovation to say “thank you”!

Tapas Supper