Love Food Hate Waste


This week we are helping to support Sustainability at Monkton.

The objective is “[for] Monkton to be a role model to other schools for ‘Sustainability’; that is to minimise its impact on the local and wider environment, demonstrating to all who touch Monkton (pupils, staff, suppliers, contractors) that sets an example in how to run a sustainable enterprise, including the teaching and promotion of sustainable ways of living.”

We make every effort behind the scenes to manage our suppliers and achieve the best possible overall deal for Monkton using local, seasonal freshly prepared produce whenever possible. However, once the food and drinks we provide have left our service locations we cannot control what happens to them.

 This campaign is targeted at our customers to make them aware of the role they can play in helping us reduce wastage.

If we did not throw away so much food from trays and plates we could make the decision whether to save that money or invest it in improvements to our service.

Additionally, we need to consider the environmental impact of how we handle our food wastage at present. Most of our food waste currently goes to a bio-gas plant near Warminster with the remainder being ground up and washed away into the drains by our waste disposal unit.

So, our aims for this week are:

  1.  To increase awareness about how much food is being thrown away by our customers
  2. To measure that wastage at each meal throughout the week
  3.  To be able to use this information to help inform decisions about how we should approach our food service operation and deal with wastage

We thank our customers for their support in this activity this week and I hope we can develop some useful information and spark some ideas of how we might approach this issue for the future.