Fuel for Sport

Fuel for Sport

Each year, Palmer & Howells set all their catering teams a challenge in the form of our Company Competition. This year the theme is “Fuel for Sport”.

On Wednesday 4th March, our Prep School fairly flew off the starting grid with freshly created sports drinks designed by pupils in the science labs. Lunch service saw “Bill Beaumont” theatre cooking sweet potato and ricotta tortellini in a dining room festooned with tennis nets, rackets, balls and a host of other sporting paraphernalia.

In our Spear Dining Room the Pre-Prep pupils hand crafted sports themed banners and enjoyed their lunch surrounded by formula one cars!

A netball tournament that afternoon had a special match tea prepared for them comprising popcorn and marshmallow cookies and chunky fruit pots.

The feedback from pupils and staff alike was fantastic with many asking if we could do this every Wednesday . . . ?

Wednesday 11th March will see the Senior School team take its turn. Pupils and staff can expect to enjoy a whole days catering geared around five goals for sports nutrition:Five Goals

Mix it Up

Straight out of the starting blocks at Breakfast pupils will be offered a tantalising selection of energy enhancing dishes including a range of cereals, 50% wholemeal bread, seeds and fruit alongside freshly cooked items.

This helps ensure the pupils will hit the ground running with a good intake of starchy carbohydrates and those essential nutrients for a high-performance day.

Fuel Up

The Lunch service will be based around carbohydrate rich pasta dishes focussing on the inclusion of lean meats and fresh, seasonal, local vegetables. On offer there will also be Coconut poached salmon with wilted greens for those looking for an omega boost.

Omega-3 fatty acids are needed for the formation of brain tissue and are helpful in preventing inflammation.

Our Eat Deli Bar will be stocked with a range of nutritious dishes such as lentil, sun-dried tomato and feta salad.

The Dining Hall will be decorated to represent all the major sports pupils at Monkton enjoy. Rowers might even be able to squeeze in a little practise on an ergo machine. A huge thank you to the sports staff for all their support in making this possible.

Strive for Five

Throughout our menus we benefit from an excellent relationship with Lovejoys of Melksham who provide all our fresh fruit and vegetables. They, in turn, work with a wide range of growers and producers from Evesham down to the Deverills’ with a particular focus around Bromham. This network provides us with the very best quality, local, seasonal produce all year round.

Of course, some items come from further afield – no one has quite perfected growing bananas en-masse in the UK yet! And bananas are great source of potassium which is involved in the fluid balance in our bodies and it counters the effects of sodium and so helps reduce blood pressure.

Our aim is to ensure pupils and staff at Monkton have access to, and can enjoy, the benefits of a wide range of the very best quality fresh produce, carefully prepared by our skilled brigade of chefs.

These fruits and vegetables are the sources of many vitamins and minerals in our diets including Vitamins A, C, E & K as well as Minerals such as Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Zinc.


Recovering from all that exertion is essential and we’ve done carried out a lot of work recently with individual sports coaches and our Food Committee to tailor both our away day catering offers and home fixture team teas around the pupils’ needs.

The away teams can benefit from energy-giving carbohydrate rich goodie bags including items such as fresh or dried fruit, smoothies, milkshakes, currant buns, cereal bars and a choice of filled wraps, baps, baguettes or pasta salads.

Back at home our Match Tea provision is designed around our weekly menu to avoid duplication of dishes and so help ensure that a range of nutrients is available all week. The old “sausage, chips & beans” has been replaced by lower fat, balanced carbohydrate and protein dishes such as:

Stir fried chilli beef with crisp taco, steamed rice, sour cream and corn cob

Breaded chicken escalope with potato wedges and sweet corn

Penne pasta with pork meatballs in tomato sauce, garlic bread and mixed salad

Fresh fruit gives a sweet treat and sneaks a few more vitamins and minerals into our sportsmen and women.

Whatever the day has brought our pupils we aim to welcome them to Supper with a range of favourite, fun, flavoursome and filling dishes aimed at refuelling them . . . . . ready for the next day!

Think Fluid

Drinks are an essential part of our catering offer to all our sports teams. During School meals pupils always have access to fresh chilled drinking water as well as fruit juice, smoothies, sugar-free squash, tea, coffee and hot chocolate as appropriate to each meal.

Home matches and practice sessions are frequently accompanied with flagons of water and squash and cricketers always seem to have a cup of tea nearby!

The away fixtures also depart with gallons of drinks and individual’s goodie bags can be filled with water bottles, fruit juice, smoothies and milkshakes too.

All this fluid helps our sports pupils keep their joints lubricated and to regulate their temperature.