The Food Committee & Packed Meals


The Senior School Food Committee have more power than most people seem to realise and they can certainly make things happen!

A brief reflection on the Autumn Term reminds us of the work we did with the Committee to revamp the Match Tea offer for our keen young sports men & women. The new menus were launched in November and have been well received by the pupils. This was highlighted in our Fuel for Sports campaign with one of the five goals being to ‘Refuel’!

This term saw us looking into the Packed Meals we offer when our students are away from School for fieldwork or theatre trips, CCF activities and so on. We really tried to focus on the nutrition these meals need to provide while keeping an air of fun.

The chosen items include filled wraps which the Committee (almost) unanimously agreed on over sandwiches, pasta salads and other dishes. More carbohydrates are provided with currant buns and cereal bars. Drinks include plain water (the bottles can be refilled if facilities are available at the venue) and milkshakes so we keep hydration levels up and add some important calcium for these growing young adults. Fresh fruit completes the meal and adds more essential nutrients and minerals while supporting each persons goal of Striving for Five (or 5-a-day).

April will see us launch this new style packed meal at the Senior School and we will be seeking feedback from those who book them early next term to make sure they hit the spot!