Persian Delights

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On Monday evening the Prep School Boarders enjoyed a very special Persian meal created by our chefs.
The menu included all kinds of delicious food from lamb and vegetable tagine to carrot and feta salad; saffron rice with roasted onions to spicy fried squid…… and the feedback was “what a wonderful treat for us all on a chilly Monday evening.” For pudding, the pupils enjoyed saffron fritters with chocolate sauce.
We hope the pictures give you some idea of what a fun evening this became.  The tables and chairs were cleared away and in true Persian style everyone ate the meal sitting on the floor enjoying each others company.
The Hatton House Boarding Director gave a “massive thank you to the catering staff for yet again producing some unbelievable food and going that extra mile to make it a special meal for everyone.”
We are planning to use this style of menu as part of our Street Food offer so it will pop up now again across both sites. We hope that providing food from around the world we play our part in educating the pupils to other cultures and broadening their gastronomic experiences.