Healthy Breakfast Smoothie

Green-Smoothie-posterShake up your Wake-up Breakfast Offer is this week’s national campaign and as part of it we tried some new breakfast products with our customers! For instance . . . Sonia writes . . .

It took persuasion and some Spanish charm this morning to get our sleepy crowds to try our energising green smoothie but the verdict from over a hundred pupils was a big “thumbs up”.

The challenge was to identify the ingredients and only a few guessed the magic green addition to our energising smoothie.

Quite a few pupils initially looked unconvinced about the contents of our strangely coloured offering, saying “surely it’s not edible!”. Still looking very sceptical, most of them were overcome by inquisitiveness and decided to try this green concoction and the conclusion was a simple thumbs up!

“Yes, it tastes very nice.”  

“Yes! I would drink it again.”  

“Are we having this more often?”

So, what was in our green smoothie this morning? Simple goodness and lots of healthy ingredients: Banana, oats, root ginger, apple juice, low fat natural yoghurt and the magic green ingredient?


Kale is a nutritional power-house with great fibre content and has many other nutrients and vitamins such as folate and magnesium. A great, leafy green for detoxifying your body and keeping your liver healthy!