The most important meal of the day

We have taken a fresh look at our breakfast service and combined a range of firm favourites with dishes promoting health, simplicity and variety. Alongside the service offer we have created promotional material to give more information about the provenance of our food and the health benefits of certain items on the menu.

The offer is based on Palmer & Howells‘ Minimum Food Standards and has proven to create a “wow” with pupils and staff alike. One comment was “more like something you get at Champneys than a school!”

Features of the offer:

  • Porridge Station offering hot or cold, plain and flavoured options
  • Yoghurt Station serving natural or fruit puree yoghurt blends

Both of these stations have a range of toppings available including fresh or dried fruit, fruit compotes, nut-free granola, toasted dessicated coconut and seeds.

  • Cold Drinks with a range of natural fruit milkshakes, freshly squeezed juices, yoghurt smoothies and fresh, cold milk
  • Hot Drinks feature freshly brewed filter coffee, a range of teas and herbal or fruit
    infusions and hot chocolate for a special treat
  • Bakery station offering hot or cold options from ham and brie croissants to blueberry
  • Cereal and toast stations complete the offer with a wide range of wholegrain cereals and minimal high-sugar products. Crumpets, English muffins, bagels as well as tiger and soda breads all feature regularly in the offer.

The whole Breakfast Service incorporates a “Grab ‘n’ Go” option for those occasions where time is of the essence. The disposable items used for this are from Vegware and are fully compostable.

Key nutritional messages so far have concentrated on:

  1. the importance of the first meal of the day – “Breakfast affects how you think; so think
    about Breakfast!”
  2. the benefits of fibre, protein and calcium in your diet
  3. how many of your five-a-day can you get at Breakfast?

This service offer will continue to evolve as we try new recipes and flavour combinations as well as focussing on informational messages about suppliers, provenance and nutrition.

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