Starchy Foods & Fibre


EatSmart – Be Carb Smart!

Did you know you should make at least half of your carbohydrate intake wholegrain?

Wholegrain starchy foods contain complex carbohydrates and fibre. These foods include wholegrain breads, cereals, pasta, rice, starchy vegetables and pulses. They also provide vitamins and minerals.

Complex carbohydrates are better for you. They need to be broken down by the body before they can be used for energy, your body will feel full for longer and your energy will last longer.

Fibre can help keep your bowels healthy and can help us feel full, which means we are less likely to eat too much. This makes wholegrain starchy foods and potatoes eaten with their skins on particularly good choices.

Over the coming weeks we are making a feature of some of the wholegrain foods which feature on our menus. Happy dining!